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Don't have an access code? Please contact us to receive your access code and register your non-profit organization.

What is an access code? We need to ensure that a person registering an NPO is indeed connected to that NPO as either a founder, or manager or worker within that organization. To validate this, donasity has developed a protocol for providing a special access code to qualified personnel of that NPO. All you have to do to obtain an access code is contact us, we'll do the rest.
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transmit security — our server has enabled industry standard transport layer security to ensure that all information you provide is transmitted safely.

payment security — not only does transport layer security mean that credit card information is transmitted securely over the web, we use the Stripe payment gateway to process all credit card transactions. Stripe uses state-of-the-art API protocols, strictly followed by donasity. These protocols ensure that credit card numbers never touch donasity's servers but are sent to Stripe's tokenization system. Your credit card payment is processed by Stripe using their tokenized PCI compliant environment. Transport layer security combined with Stripe's tokenization standard means the very latest encryption technology is employed by donasity for all of your credit card transactions.