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The Offering
standard offer
premier offer
Base Platform 
Transaction Fee (Donor Paid)* 
Web Hosting 
Software Download 
 Not Required
 Not Required
Payment Processor 
PCI Certified 
Secure Socket Layer / HTTPS 
Symantec Secure Web Certification 
Monthly/Annual Contract 
 Not Required
Core Features
Donor Management (Records) 
Personal Fundraisers 
Captain/Team Fundraisers 
Private Fundraisers 
Recurring Payments 
Donation Checkout Basket (5 items) 
Facebook Login 
Social Media Sharing 
Consolidated Donor Tax Statement 
Fundraiser Management
Photo upload (up to 21 photos) 
Video Upload (up to 5 videos) 
Printable Event Flyers (QR Code) 
Donor Comments 
Account Dashboard 
Logo Upload 
Custom Design**
Donate Now Button 
Webpage Integration 
Custom Checkout Basket 
Fundraising Planning 
 $75/hr (10 hr min)
 $60/hr (10 hr min)
Reporting & Admin**
Fundraiser Level Reporting 
Exporting Data 
Auto Tax Receipt 
Auto Donation Notification 
Custom Reporting 
990B Data Extract 
Multiple User Access 
 1-2 users
 3-5 users
Email Support (Donors & Fundraisers) 
Phone Support (Donors & Fundraisers) 
Best Practice Counselors 
Account Manager 
*Minimum transaction fee of $.99 applies
**Included for registered Non-Profits




donasity provides information on over 1.2 million Non-Profits. Receive a one-time file or a monthly recurring file to ensure your data is current. Are you aware that there are over 6,000 new Non-Profit organizations each month and 3,000 Non-Profits lose their status each month? With our monthly data feed donasity will provide you with the most current Non-Profit information and in the file format you will need to enhance your business and contacts within this industry.
As an enhanced service to our standard offering, donasity provides our clients with a Premier level program ($29.99) that; enhances your checkout-based services, lowers your overall planning level fees, increases and segregates your users' access levels and provides other important functionality and support for your organization.

  Donate Now Button
  Custom Checkout Basket
  Fundraiser Planning
  Custom Reporting
  Dedicated Account Manager
  Multi User Admin Panel (3-5)
  Donor Tracking

Let donasity assist you in enhancing your organization or individual fundraiser as well as your organization's online presence. Our marketing team will show you creative ways to promote your brand and fundraisers using social media and other key formats.
Utilize key sections of our website to promote your fundraiser and/or your brand. Let us show you how you can showcase your fundraiser within our Popular and Spotlight sections of our landing page. Reach more donors and promote your social cause fundraiser today.
Let our donasity planning and program team assist you in promoting your brand and effectively manage your fundraiser rollout and ensure its success. We help you check all the boxes and provide the newest formats for successful managing and tracking of your fundraiser. Our project plan template is only one of many key processes we provide to run a successful campaign.
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Ambassador Service

Get the help you need.

donasity can host and manage your organizations online donation payment processing through our secure web portal.

We provide the code for a "Donate Now" button within your registered donasity profile, which you can simply use to replace your current paid service. This can save you anywhere from 2-5% depending on the service you currently use.

The "Donate Now" button links directly to our site's donation basket page where your organization's name will be presented for your donors to enter a donation amount. It's that simple.

You can choose from our free service or choose our customized checkout package for a small monthly fee. Contact our sales team today at