The Benefits of Registering


We make it easy.

Every non-profit organization, no matter how big or small, will benefit from registering with donasity®. It's one of the easiest things your organization can do to help online donors find your organization, learn about your cause and donate to your fundraisers. Just think of us a risk-free way to market and promote your organization online.


  • No charge to register
  • No monthly/annual subscription charges
  • No additional processing costs or hidden fees
  • No software to buy or download
  • Free fundraisers available

Ambassador Service

Get the help you need.

donasity® can host and manage your organizations online donation payment processing through our secure web portal.

We provide the code for a "Donate Now" button within your registered donasity profile, which you can simply use to replace your current paid service. This can save you anywhere from 2-5% depending on the service you currently use.

The "Donate Now" button links directly to our site's donation basket page where your organization's name will be presented for your donors to enter a donation amount. It's that simple.

You can choose from our free service or choose our customized checkout package for a small monthly fee.


Please refer to pricing page for details.