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A Message From The Founders

When we first got together to frame up the concept for donasity®, we talked a great deal about the challenges of fundraising for causes and non-profit organizations (NPOs). As both of us have experience working with small NPOs and helping them secure donations, we understand the many factors that contribute to a successful fundraising drive. More importantly, we've experienced firsthand the barriers they face, especially ones that don't have as many resources available to them as their larger counterparts.

We feel everyone deserves a voice.

We used our knowledge of the fundraising arena, along with research, to build donasity. The result is a powerful, easy-to-use website with tools and features that will help every NPO be more successful, no matter how large or small. However, our mission is much greater. We feel our true test of success is in our ability to give back to the organizations supporting us by using our site for their fundraising purposes. And that is how our Giveback Program was born.

The Giveback Program is a way for us to say "thank you" to every organization working to make our world a better place. Just by using as your fundraising platform, your organization has the opportunity to earn a "giveback donation" from us. We encourage you to take advantage of everything our platform offers, and use our tools to help you reach more donors and raise more money.
Happy Fundraising!

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The donasity® Giveback Program

The donasity Giveback Program is designed to reward eligible fundraisers meeting their fundraising goals. Each month, donasity will reward all Non-Profit Organization (NPO) fundraisers that meet the criteria listed below and we will make a charitable donation to that NPO.

  • Must be a tax-exempt Non-Profit organization
  • Have concluded their Fundraiser within that month
  • Have a minimum Fundraising goal of $2,500
  • Have met their Fundraising goal

Here's How It Works

All qualifying NPOs will be awarded a "giveback donation" which will be calculated based on a percentage of our monthly profits with a distribution date of the first of that following month.

All "giveback donations" will be electronically transferred to the Stripe account the NPO has registered with donasity. A line item indicating that donasity made a charitable contribution to the organization will be added to the NPOs donation report history.

All NPOs that qualify under this program are eligible and will receive a distribution. We encourage all NPOs to enter this program immediately after registering with donasity.

We're excited for you to try our dynamic new site and see how it can help you and your organization. The donasity team is available whenever you need us, so don't hesitate to contact us at any time.