What does donasity mean?

donasity is "The Smartest Way to Give". Our name comes from where " dona tions" and "genero sity " meet.

What does donasity do?

We are a cloud-based, bilingual portal dedicated to being the smartest way to give.

How does donasity work?

Non-profit organizations can accept donations without transaction, monthly or annual fees. There is no software to purchase or download. Our donors can give to over 1.2 million US-registered non-profits in our exclusive search engine.

Individuals and non-profits can use our fundraising platform to collect donations for the causes of their choice.

What fees are associated with giving on donasity?

Donors pay a flat 4.95% transaction fee (minimum transaction fee applies). There are no additional processing or hidden fees. All transaction costs are included in the flat 4.95% transaction fee.

Non-profit organizations/fundraisers receive a 100% of the donated amount. (Beware of other sites that have "HIDDEN FEE ALERTS")

How do I register to give with donasity?

Registration is necessary for consolidated tax statement purposes. Prior to any donation, we do require acceptance of our Terms and Conditions . Connection to an e-mail account and a user password is all that is required to register as a donor.

What is a Consolidated Tax Statement?

A consolidated tax statement allows a registered donor to track all non-profit/fundraiser donations in one easy statement. Your statement is fully downloadable or printable on your donasity admin page

What is the donasity Giving Basket?

The donasity Giving Basket is a way for donors to donate to multiple non-profits/fundraisers in one easy transaction.

How many non-profits/fundraisers can be in my donasity Giving Basket?

You can donate to up to five Non-Profits/fundraisers at one time. donasity will aggregate the totals.

How do donors pay the 4.95% transaction fee?

At check out, donasity will automatically add the transaction fee of 4.95% (minimum transaction fee of $.99 applies) to your donation total or you can opt to net the fee from your donation total.

Are all non-profit organizations registered with donasity?

donasity's exclusive search engine identifies over 1.2 million non-profits registered with the IRS for potential donation. However, it is a non-profit organization's choice to complete their registration with donasity.

How do I know if a non-profit organization is registered with donasity?

A non-profit organization that has completed registration with donasity will have a either a green tree symbol or a logo or image of their choice displaying in the upper left corner of their listing. There will also be a small tree icon with the caption "fully registered with donasity" in the body of their listing. A full description may be added at the time of registration as well.

Registered non profits will appear at the top of non-profit search query results.

A non-profit organization not registered with donasity will display a standard gray donasity logo.

How do non-profit organizations not registered on donasity receive donations?

Non-profit organizations not registered with donasity will receive a Remotely Created Check (RCC) to comply with FDIC rules and regulations for payment to non-registered accounts (see non-profit section of our FAQs ). donasity cannot accept debit or credit card donations to non-registered non-profit organizations.

How old do I have to be to use donasity?

In compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) you must be at least fourteen years old.

Will you ever sell my information to third party providers?

donasity will never sell your information to third party providers.

Why is donasity the safest way to give?

donasity is built with secure payment encryption technology. The site is Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant and designed to keep personal information of both donors and registered users 100% safe.

donasity uses SSL encryption via Norton Symantec to ensure transmission of data is secure.

What is the minimum donation?

Minimum donation amount is $5.

Can I set up a fundraiser for anything I want?

Yes. donasity is designed to support fundraisers for non-profit organization and individuals.

Start a fundraiser for your NPO, to support a NPO or to raise funds to help a friend or a loved one in need. Fundraisers must comply with our Terms and Conditions .

What is required to register my fundraiser with donasity?

Non-profit organizations must be registered with donasity to start a fundraiser. ( See NPO registration )

For Individual fundraisers, you will need a Stripe account, and to agree to our Terms and Conditions . Click the "Start a Fundraiser" at the top of our site to begin.

Once I create my fundraiser, how long does it take until it is active on the site?

Your fundraiser is active after you create it, you can preview and edit your fundraiser prior to the approval process. Although you will only be able to receive donations once your account is verified by donasity. The verification process may take up to fourty-eight (48) hours.

donasity reserves the right to remove any fundraiser(s) that do not meet our Terms and Conditions .

Do I get to choose the category where I want my fundraiser to be listed?

Yes. When you create your fundraiser you will be able to select the category that best matches your fundraiser.

Can my fundraiser appear in more than one category?

No. Your fundraiser is listed under one category. Please use the description field to include additional information about your fundraiser.

Can I raise money for someone else?

Yes. You can fundraise for practically anyone or anything: a non-profit organization that is registered with our site, a friend, family member, pet, school, or a business in need.

Will it cost me anything to set up my fundraiser?

All Fundraisers are totally free.

How do I receive my Fundraiser donations?

Fundraisers will receive payments via a Stripe transfer. Please visit Stripe at: https://stripe.com/help/transfers to review their terms and conditions regarding transfers.

Do donors have to pay a fee to give to my cause?

Yes. Donors pay a flat 4.95% transaction fee (minimum transaction fee of $.99 applies). There are no additional processing or hidden fees. All transaction costs are included in the flat 4.95% transaction fee.

Non-profit organizations/fundraisers receive 100% of the donated amount. (Beware of other sites that have "HIDDEN FEE ALERTS")

Take a look at our comparison graph on our Pricing page to compare how donasity measures up with other donation sites.

How long is my fundraiser visible on the donasity site after it has ended?

Your fundraiser remains on our site indefinitely unless you choose to end.

Do I keep my donations if the fundraising goal is not met?

Yes. Whether you meet your goal or not, every penny you raise goes to your individual cause or to the non-profit organization of your choice.

How will I know someone has donated to my fundraiser?

You will receive an email notification that you received a donation along with the donation amount and name of donor. Donors can leave commentary on your page as well.

How do I track my donations?

Log into your donasity account and access the donation history on your dashboard.

How do I get people to donate to my fundraiser?

Promote it! Share it on your social media, tell everybody you know and invite them to your donasity fundraiser.

Visit your own fundraiser page and use the "share" buttons found there, or copy and paste the URL into any social media platform or email program.

Can donasity provide fundraiser assistance?

donasity has a bi-lingual Counselor Support team available to provide support and guidance. Counselors can help get you on your way to achieving your fundraising goals.

Can my friends and family outside of the U.S. donate to my fundraiser?

Yes! As long as they have a valid credit card that settles in U.S. dollars. Anyone, anywhere can make a donation to your fundraiser.

Can people donate from their mobile phones?

Yes. donasity has made it simple for people to donate from their phones, laptops or desktops. If they have a device and an Internet connection, they can make a donation.

Do people who donate have to share their name on my fundraiser page?

No. Donors can choose to remain anonymous on your fundraiser page. You will be able to see their identity when you log in to your dashboard, but publicly, the donor's name will be anonymous.

This is so that, if you need to report donations to a federal agency, you will have an accurate list of donors.

Do I have to report the donations I receive to the IRS?

A comprehensive donation report is generated for each fundraiser for tax purposes. Every fundraiser is different, so we are unable to provide specific tax advice and recommend consulting a tax professional.

Will I have access to contact information on everyone who donates to my fundraiser?

The donor information is available to you within your dashboard once you login.

How do I get my fundraiser featured on your home page?

Please contact our Counselor Support via email for more information.

What is an anonymous donation?

The anonymous feature for donations exists to keep your identity masked to public viewers of our site. When you choose to give anonymously, the site prevents your name from appearing on the publicly viewable fundraiser page. The owner of the fundraiser has the ability to log in to donasity and within his logged-in dashboard, see the identities of the donors to his fundraiser.

This protects your identity on the web yet helps NPO users who create fundraisers to be able to provide a list of donors to the IRS to meet their federal reporting requirements.

Why should I register my non-profit organization with donasity?

donasity is the fastest growing cloud-based donation portal.

Registration is free and you are able to receive donations faster and securely through us via Stripe. You may upload your logo and add a detailed description of your organization when you register.

donasity displays all eligible 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 organizations and donors can find your non-profit on donasity by searching by any word or phrase in your Non-Profit's name, any key word in your description, by city/state or zip, and even by your non-profit EIN number. We give donors an incredibly powerful search tool to find you!

Once they do, they can give on-line to your organization, create a fundraiser that deposits right into your organization's Stripe account, and use their own social media outlets to get the word out about your organization.

What are some additional benefits of registering with donasity?

Key benefits include: ability to reach an extensive donor base through fundraising, expanding your non-profit's visibility to donors, no transaction fees, no monthly or annual fees, no software to purchase or download and eligibility for donasity's Giveback Program .

How do I register?

First, ensure you have received your access code to register your non-profit. If you have not, please email us to request an access code.

Second, setup a free Stripe account so you can receive your donations faster and securely.

Third, update your non-profit information by adding your logo, photo and detailed description so donors can see more about your organization.

You are ready to receive donations.

What if our non-profit organization does not register with donasity?

Donors can still give to your organization through donasity. A Remotely Created Check (RCC) will be issued and mailed on behalf of the donor to your organization. It may take up to 10 business days for receipt of an RCC.

What is a Remotely Created Check (RCC)?

A RCC is a check issued on behalf of the donor from the donor's information. donasity will mail the check to the non-profit organization's address registered with the IRS.

Who can participate in donasity's Giveback program?

All organizations meeting the criteria under the program are eligible. Read more here: Giveback Program .

What is the Ambassador Service?

donasity's Ambassador Service is a back-end payment processing system through the use of an embeddable button placed on the organization's website.

Using this "donate now" button, your site can process donations through your donasity connection.

Ambassador clients can log in to their donasity account at any time to access their donation reports. Ambassador clients avoid buying expensive software to manage this process.

By using donasity for both fundraising and native site donations, Ambassador clients can access comprehensive reporting covering all of their on-line fundraising efforts.

How do I learn more about the Ambassador Service?

Please contact our in-house Counselor Support team for additional details.

How do I reset my donor password?

To edit your password, log in and click the "Change Password" link located just under your name and address on your dashboard.

To recover a forgotten password, click the "login" link on the upper right corner of our home page, then click "Forgot Password". Follow the instructions to generate a new temporary password.

If you are unable to recover your password because your email address has changed, contact our Counselor Support team to help you.

How do I update my donasity profile settings?

Log in to your account and click the "Edit Account" link located just under your name and address on your dashboard.

How do I remove/delete my donasity, user profile account?

We would like an opportunity to speak with you on why your account requires deletion. Please contact our Counselor Support team to speak with a representative and if there is still a need for deletion then our rep will guide you through the process.

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