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Support the causes you care about. With over 1.4 million charitable organizations in our database you give to as many organizations or fundraisers as you like, all in one donation basket. We take care of the rest. View and download your consolidated giving statement on demand.

Rest assured, your financial and personal information is safe. Donations are processed through our secure portal with best-in-class transaction encryption technology.


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donasity® helps you raise funds to support a cause you care about or help a person in need.

> Industry low transaction fee means you receive more of the funds you raise
> Receive all donated funds directly to your account, no waiting to meet a goal
> Fundraising products to suite your needs: Peer2Peer,  Capitan/Team,
   Event Ticketing and Online Raffles

In minutes your can create your personal page, promote it through social media and start collecting donations.

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Register with donasity®. Your organization will increase its online presence and individuals will receive more information about your cause.

> donasity® does not charge your organization any fees to register
> Utilize donasity's "Donate Now" button on your website to eliminate
   expensive transaction fees
> Support your organization with free fundraising

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We are help schools of all sizes meet their financial challenges, and we would like to help you. Online fundraising is easy and donasity has some SMART advantages over other forms of fundraising.

S - Simplicity beyond other fundraisers

M - Maximized Profitability to retain more of your fundraising dollars

A - Accountability for all funds raised

R - Retainability of donar information

T - Transparency with enhanced encrypted security

Let us show you how to put the FUN back into fundraising.

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